Cole Strider

Chief: An American Novel

The first book in the Ronopo Rangers series is available in paperback and e‑book formats. Ask for it at your local bookstore or library or click on a gold button to purchase it online.

Book 2 will be out soon!


Mankind has had many heroes. They're about to need a new one.


The most lucrative business venture in history has civilization teetering on the brink of cataclysmic transformation. And nobody sees it coming. Anyone posing a threat to the venture's success is being targeted...


A man plummets to a gruesome death. A scientist vaporizes. A brutal sadist enslaves a young woman.


Smart, adventurous friends - Aspen, Sequoia, Fox, and Breeze - share a colorful history. Back in their teens, they secretly swore a blood oath. That oath now compels them to seek the truth behind the recent, disturbing events. Dangerously unaware of what they are up against, they become entangled in personal and political intrigue across America and spanning the globe. A courageous champion will rise and strive to halt the disastrous business venture; but no hero could possibly prevail alone. Will a highly covert Special Forces team called SIGNAL emerge from the shadows to help? Or will a broken and dispirited world helplessly watch as a fallen hero is carried home?

The limo exploded. Metal and body parts soared amid towering flames before raining back down again.

The Captain did not disappoint the beautiful Señora. His austere manner deliciously complemented his seductive savvy...

"Sir, this shows how an expansive, multilayer government could be like a Trojan Horse. Hailed by some as a progressive advance and gift to the people, it could actually be concealing instruments of sweeping destruction, intentional or not. If the fabled Trojan Horse had been transparent, the nation conquered and destroyed by its contents would never have embraced it and been deceived."
~ Captain Lightfoot to General Brett Dark Horse

It looked like something out of a science-fiction movie in which an alien creature comes bursting out of its host.

"Hello, Chief Houston. We've spoken before. This is Captain Gandhi from the Promised Land tanker ship. I want to clarify what was reported just before the disaster."

Her highest visibility project of all was a cluster of programs aimed at forestalling the development of domestic and substance abusers. Her program targeted to young adults was called:
Get a life.  Have a life.  Save a life.